Register to Display Vehicle at Diamond Jubilee

As part of its sponsorship of the Diamond Jubilee, Rovers North will organize a curated display of period-correct Land Rover and Range Rover models. We’re inviting readers to submit their Land Rover, Range Rover, Discovery, and Freelander for display in front of the 1,000 enthusiasts attending the event.

If you’re proud of your Land Rover and would like it to be considered for the display, here’s what we ask from you:

Introduction – Winter 2023
  1. Send us up to 3 photos of your Land Rover, interior and exterior
  2. Tell us about yourself, your Land Rover, and what it has meant to you [75 words or less]. Please include your town/city of residence, years of ownership, and significant experiences with your Land Rover
  3. Submit an application before May 15, 2023.

Space is limited, so we’re planning on a maximum of 25 Land Rovers.