Letters to the Editor: Holiday 2016

Dear Rovers North,
Hope this finds you well. Please find our family pets’ favorite toys. It’s funny that they all have their own ride and enjoy each one. It’s hard to determine which one gets used daily for a joyride after supper—no matter which one, they enjoy the ride and the looks.
Todd Whiddon
Thomasville, GA

[Thanks for sharing the photos and your Land Rovers with your dogs! –ed.]

Letters to the Editor: Holiday 2016

Dear Rovers North,
I’ve just wrapped up with Overland Expo East and it was a wonderful follow-up to the Mid-Atlantic Rally.
Thanks again for the assist during my inadvertent scuba trip; while you and the group were efficiently resolving my wet ignition issue, I managed to capture the two attached images. I have video footage from the weekend to be uploaded as well, but that will have to wait until I return home. Let me know if you would like to share the video! Thanks to ROAV and Rovers North for a great time!
Shane Stoehr
Claysburg, PA

[Len Fagan and I were happy to help, Shane. We’ve all been there, done that –ed.]

Letters to the Editor: Holiday 2016

Dear Rovers North,
It was good to finally meet Jeff Aronson at MAR. We had a blast—hope Jeff did as well. He worked really hard at the RTV (which Catherine says stands for “relationship testing version” of rallys!)
Attached is a picture of “Badger,” our Series II-A. I’m looking for a set of soft door tops for Florida weather. I understand that Exmoor Trim no longer makes them. Do you have any ideas?
Bo Prillaman
Vero Beach, FL

[Bo, sadly, Exmoor did cease production of these low-demand items. We’re looking into the possibility of creating an alternative, maybe even in time for Florida’s “winter” –ed.]

Dear Rovers North,
You don’t often see Land Rovers in UN colours these days. This one was seen in Mogadishu this week, in Somalia. The number plate is UK MOD, so it’s clearly on loan from the UK to the UN, likely as part of a package deal with some UK Army personnel deployed to support the UN mission here.
John Cockell
Chelsea, Quebec

[Land Rovers have been part of peacekeeping forces for decades. Thanks for sharing this, John –ed.]

Letters to the Editor: Holiday 2016

Dear Rovers North,
On page 7 of the article “How Would You Like Your Defender, Sir?” it states Marty’s plan B was his intent to travel to “The Cape of Good Horn.” It should read Cape Horn. The Cape of Good Hope is in South Africa.
Mylan Janopolis
Los Angeles, CA

[Thanks for the correction, Mylan. You are absolutely right –ed.]

Letters to the Editor: Holiday 2016

Dear Rovers North,
Like you said in the article on the Mid Atlantic Rally [Winter 2016] that I read online, Giles County has a lot to offer regarding outdoors/wilderness activities for everyone in the family, but at the same time we don’t need you to put inaccurate info in the article to beef it up. Look up the facts; there are a lot of Virginia Tech fans here in Giles, but Virginia Tech is in Blacksburg, VA, which is located in Montgomery County. We don’t need VT to be an awesome place to visit or live. I grew up in Giles County, I should know.
Ben Huff
Ashland, VA

[Thanks for the correction, Ben. The linkage of Giles County with Virginia Tech was made by Giles County executives, who enjoy the proximity of the university to their county. We agree that Giles County remains a very special place, and hope you enjoy the coverage of MAR in this issue –ed.]

Dear Rovers North,
I have a 1995 Defender 110 and I am looking for recommendations on a reputable company to do a restoration. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
Peter Hall
London, ON

[Peter, many Land Rover specialists rely on Rovers North for parts and expertise. Please feel free to contact Rovers North for suggestions –ed.]

Letters to the Editor: Holiday 2016

Dear Rovers North,
I saw this Land Rover in Dennis, Cape Cod, MA last week and thought of Rovers Magazine!
Sam Broder
Biddeford, ME

[It looks like the perfect Land Rover for a seashore town like Dennis –ed.]