Letters to the Editor: Winter 2017Dear Rovers North,
I wanted to share our welcome to Ryder with everyone at Rovers North!
Corey Moore
Windham, NH

[We join you in welcoming that latest model to your Land Rover family! –ed.]

Letters to the Editor: Winter 2017Dear Rovers North,
I found this fantastic pic from the Boston Instagram account. The wreath looks complete now on the Rover. I miss the crisp fall days of New England now that I have moved to Florida. Not the shoveling though.
Matt Smith
Lakeland, FL

[Should you need any editorial or technical assistance with your Land Rover, anyone from Rovers North would be happy to join you this winter! –ed.]

Dear Rovers North,
It was nice meeting Jeff Aronson at the ONSLRS URE event. Archer and Harper had the best time yet, I suspect it’ll get better for them every year. Anyways, I wanted to reach out and thank Rovers North for your support of the club and all things Land Rover.
Rick Prudhomme
Hendersonville, NC

[Rovers North is very pleased to support Land Rover clubs as they add so much to the Land Rover community. And it is always a pleasure to meet Land Rover enthusiasts, especially young ones, at events around the country –ed.]

Letters to the Editor: Winter 2017Dear Rovers North,
A Thanksgiving thanks to all at Rovers Magazine for reinstating my subscription for my favorite mag. I had fallen off the list for a while, and thought the magazine had stopped printing. I just received the Holiday 2016 issue and it’s such a luxury to actually touch the pages, and read the articles, and yes, see the pictures of other Rovers, people, pets, and parts in print. No batteries (or internet connection) required! I promise not to take it for granted that Rovers North is willing to incur the expense to print and distribute this wonderful publication.
Dan Harris
Salinas, CA

[Thank you for letting Rovers North be a part of your Land Rover experience. We’re very pleased to be able to offer Rovers Magazine as a service to active customers –ed.]

Dear Rovers North,
I have to say thank you for the two complementary issues that you sent me. The magazines are amazing, and beautiful. It reminds me the long trips I used to take with my dad and family in Kenya on his Landy 110 and the 109 Series. He lived in a very remote area called Bura, and we would take the Landy from Nairobi via bush-land and mud roads. Now they have a tarmacked road all the way from Nairobi to Garrissa—not as much fun as it was when I was a kid, if you ask me!! I would love to continue to receive the magazine. However, I am not sure what the subscription rate is. Please let me know.
John Nyakoe-Nyasani
Milwaukee, WI

[Rovers Magazine is published as a service to customers of Rovers North and not available for subscription or newsstand sales. Thank you for your compliments about Rovers Magazine; you can always enjoy reading archived issues online at www.blog.roversnorth.com –ed.]