The Land Rover began as an idea on a beach in Anglesey, Wales, in 1947, and quickly became an iconic vehicle renowned worldwide. 2023 represents its 75th anniversary, and it’s time for a celebration. We hope you will join the 300 Land Rovers and their owners, families, and friends who have registered to date!

Celebrate Land Rover’s 75th Anniversary at the ANARC Diamond Jubilee

When you run through the list of automotive nameplates no longer with us, you begin to recognize the enormity of Land Rover’s accomplishment. Scan a list of defunct marques, from Austin to Wolseley, American Motors to Willys, if you need a reminder of how easily once-proud companies fall by the wayside.

In its 3/4 of a century, Land Rover has not only survived but thrived. Whether the Series I–III, Defender L316 or L663, Range Rover, Discovery, or Freelander, these vehicles have achieved celebrated status within the automotive world.

Land Rover’s 50th anniversary in 1998 encouraged Land Rover clubs in the US and Canada to create ANARC (Association of North American Rover Clubs), an umbrella organization formed to put on a party – one that brought nearly 400 Land Rovers together at Greek Peak in Cortland, NY.

For Land Rover’s 75th anniversary, ANARC has regrouped to create another spectacular event: This time, 19 “clubs,” representing enthusiasts from the US northeast, southeast, and midwest, and from Canada, have joined the all-volunteer effort to put on an even larger celebration. ANARC chose to return to Greek Peak, Cortland, NY, not only because of its proximity to many Land Rover organizations, but also due to its enlarged facilities, excellent camping sites, and openness to creating off-road trails. The Greek Peak Resort, set in the Finger Lakes district of New York, offers comfortable, family-friendly amenities and stunning scenery.

Ready to register?

Celebrate Land Rover’s 75th Anniversary at the ANARC Diamond Jubilee

Need more reasons? Here’s why we believe you should join ANARC at the Diamond Jubilee this June 14-18 in Cortland, NY:


Whether you’re new to off-roading or an expert, there will be plenty of off-road opportunities for you.

Celebrate Land Rover’s 75th Anniversary at the ANARC Diamond Jubilee

If you’re new to off-roading, skilled trail marshals will be available to help you gain knowledge and experience with your Land Rover, no matter which model you drive at the event. Each day’s trail rides will include guided times with trail marshals as well as self-drive opportunities. With trails open from 9:00am–10pm, there will be ample opportunity to hone your off-road driving skills and learn new ones.

Vehicle Display

As part of its sponsorship of the Diamond Jubilee, Rovers North will organize a curated display of period-correct Land Rover and Range Rover models. We’re inviting readers to submit their Land Rover, Range Rover, Discovery, and Freelander for display in front of the 1,000 enthusiasts attending the event.

If you’re proud of your Land Rover and would like it to be considered for the display, here’s what we ask from you:

Introduction – Winter 2023
  1. Send us up to 5 photos of your Land Rover, interior and exterior
  2. Tell us about yourself, your Land Rover, and what it has meant to you [75 words or less]. Please include your town/city of residence, years of ownership, and significant experiences with your Land Rover

Space is limited, so we’re planning on a maximum of 25 Land Rovers.

Fill out the following form if you’re interested in your vehicle being displayed at the Diamond Jubilee: Vehicle Application

Barbara Toy Tribute Run:

All too often, women find themselves in the passenger seats while off-roading. In the 1950s, Barbara Toy drove across every continent except Antarctica – alone – in a Series I or Series II Land Rover. It’s her spirit that led the Texas Rovers to create a female-driver-only trail run, and ANARC will do the same during this celebration.

For more information, visit

RTV Trials Course:

Rovers North will create an RTV Trials Course (Road Taxed Vehicle) open to everyone.

Celebrate Land Rover’s 75th Anniversary at the ANARC Diamond Jubilee

What’s an RTV Trials course? Imagine a slalom course on a ski slope; you wend your way down the hill, turning around and between poles – only in this case, you’re driving your Land Rover between sequentially numbered poles, as slowly and carefully as possible. Penalty points are assessed if you tap a pole or come to a full stop.

An RTV Trials Course is the perfect, non-damaging way to learn about your vehicle’s capabilities and test your driving skills. Trials courses are a common feature at all UK Land Rover events.
Historic Display: Rovers North will host a curated display of period-correct vehicles that traces the history of all Land Rover models and highlights unusual versions you may never have seen in person.

If you’re interested in having your Land Rover considered for the display throughout the event, contact us at We’ll want 5 photos of your Land Rover, a short note [75 words maximum] about what your Land Rover has meant to you, and significant experiences you’ve had with your Land Rover. (For more information, see The Welly column in the Winter/Spring issue of Rovers Magazine.)


Greek Peak offers three levels of camping. Simple tent campsites are available at no additional charge as part of your registration. A second level of campsites includes on-site bath houses; these sites are limited and must be reserved through Greek Peak. The third level provides a limited number of RV and/or trailer sites with electrical hookups; for more information, visit

Celebrate Land Rover’s 75th Anniversary at the ANARC Diamond Jubilee


As we go to press, the Greek Peak lodge has been fully booked. Visit to see the additional area lodging options.

Land Rover Parade and Owner Presentations: Plans are underway to hold a parade around the grounds of Greek Peak so that enthusiasts can share their appreciation of every Land Rover, Defender, Range Rover and Discovery. If you have a story you want to share, there will be a chance to regale fellow enthusiasts with your experiences.


John Kostuch of the Center Steer Podcast, Steve Beres and Ike Goss of The Underpowered Hour will be hosting podcasts from the Diamond Jubilee. Here’s your chance to meet the hosts and possibly share your stories with them.

Expo Presentations:

ANARC wants to honor those in North America and the UK who have fostered the growth of and appreciation for the Land Rover marque. You’ll have the chance to meet with these individuals and hear their presentations throughout the event. Invitations have gone out to Camel Trophy team members; ANARC plans to have them share their experiences in those iconic competitions.

Celebrate Land Rover’s 75th Anniversary at the ANARC Diamond Jubilee

Additional presentations will include tech sessions, overlanding, and adventure discussions.

Exhibition Village:

The Diamond Jubilee would not be possible without the support of our sponsors, all of whom will have displays at the Exhibition Village. Come meet the companies that help keep your Land Rover ready for your next adventure or expedition.

[For more information, a list of sponsors, and to register, visit and ]