Under the inspired and tireless leadership of Co-Chairs Bob Steele and Bruce Fowler, the volunteers who made the Diamond Jubilee so successful put in thousands of hours of planning, creating, and implementation — during long drives to the Greek Peak site in addition to monthly, then weekly Zoom meetings. They donated their time, considerable expertise, and personal expense because of their commitment to the enthusiasts within the Land Rover community.
The Diamond Jubilee Committee Chairs came from across the continent, and we want to thank and congratulate them:

ANARC Board of Directors

  • Mike McCaig – President (ROAV)
  • Dixon Kenner – Vice President (OVLR)
  • Benjamin Smith – Secretary (OVLR)
  • Bob Steele – Treasurer (ROAV)
  • Ryan Carman (OVLR)
  • Doug Crowther (ROAV)
  • Bruce Fowler (OVLR)
  • John Kostuch (ROAV)

Event Co-Chairs

  • Bob Steele, Bruce Fowler

Event Committee Chairs

  • Terrain Team – Lawrence Michelon (VA)
  • Rally Control – Scott Preston (ME)
  • Event Commitee Chairs (con’t)
  • Vendor Village – Doug Crowther (VA and NM)
  • Registration – David Short (VA)
  • Logistics, Lanyards, Event ID’s – Kraig Mackett (OH)
  • Expo Sessions – Chris Browne (MA)
  • Honorees – Jeff Aronson (ME)
  • Swag – Chris Velardi, Cooper Murray (CT, MA)
  • Event Communications – Craig Jones (VA)
  • Emergency Management – Jeff Aronson, David Short
  • Club Tents – Rik Olsen (MN)
  • ANARC Cup – Ben Smith, Ned Crystal (NJ, NH)
  • RTV Course – Jeff Aronson (ME)
  • Vehicle Display – Bill Cooper, Mark Letorney (NJ and VT)
  • Evening Parties/Dinners – Sarah McCaig (VA)
  • PR/Website – John Kostuch, Ryan Carman (PA and ON)

Diamond Jubilee Advisory Group

  • Jeff Aronson (ME)
  • Bill Burke (CO)
  • Charles Bell, Jr (GA)
  • Stephen Beres (CA)
  • Barry Enis (CT)
  • Zack Griswold (VT)
  • Kevin Healy (NY)
  • Kevin Newell (ON)
  • Eric Riston (NY)
  • Ralk Sarek (VA)
  • Edward Tatton (CT)

Jeffrey Aronson
Editor, Rovers Magazine

Fall 2023