Spring is a time of renewal, at least here in northern climes—a chance to wash off the winter grime and springtime mud. In fact, here in New England we can actually wash a Land Rover without having the doors or wipers freeze solid.

Of course, some enthusiasts believe that all Land Rovers should remain snowy, muddy or dirty. For you, we hope you’ll enjoy articles on the Blue Ridge Winter Safari from North Carolina last January and the 20th anniversary of the Maine Winter Romp last February.

Blue Ridge Winter Safari

Blue Ridge Winter Safari

These events enabled over 200 enthusiasts to enjoy off-roading over a long weekend on the East Coast this winter. More than 300 women from Europe, Asia, and North America spent a spring break running the 10-day, 1,000-mile Rallye des Gazelles. Two US teams finished 3rd and 5th in the 4×4 class in, of course, Land Rovers. We have exclusive interviews with those teams as well as others who competed in their favorite vehicles.

Land Rover demonstrated its commitment to heritage vehicles with a surprise announcement at the New York International Auto Show, starting appropriately with the Series I. We think you’ll enjoy the exclusive interview with the new head of “Land Rover Classic.” The newest Land Rover models attracted a huge crowd at the official press conference.

Whether you enjoy working on your Land Rover yourself, or just want to know what’s behind the work of a repair by your Land Rover specialist, we think you’ll enjoy the tech article on refurbishing cylinder heads on a Land Rover V8. We also hope you enjoy this issue’s regular columns. If you have ideas for features, please don’t hesitate to share them with us at www.blog.roversnorth.com. We enjoy hearing from you!

Rovers North appreciates your enthusiasm for the marque. We will continue to provide you with the parts, technical support and service to keep your Land Rover in the best condition for its regular use at work or play, on-road or off-road. Thank you for letting Rovers North be a part of your Land Rover experience.

Jeff Aronson
Editor, Rovers Magazine


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