Dear Rovers North,
We just received the new Rovers Magazine and in the article about Uwharrie 12 you have a poster with an old Defender. How can we obtain a copy of that poster?? My husband loves this car and we hope to get one soon. We just gifted our 16-year-old with my Discovery II for his birthday. Please send me any info on how to obtain this poster. Thank you so much and another awesome issue of the magazine!
Dawn ReyesURE12_Poster_12x18

[Thank you for your compliments on the magazine! We agree it’s a great poster. The graphic artist who designed it is Steven Ratajczyk of Chattanooga, TN. You can contact him at —ed.]

Whaling-ServiceDear Rovers North,
I took this photo at Grytviken, South Georgia Island. South Georgia Island is one of the Antarctic Isles. There is a maximum of 30 people who work and live here. It is an abandoned whaling station which has several old buildings of interest: church, museum, tourist shop and Ernest Shackleton’s grave. There is a British Antarctic Survey team housed and working nearby.
George Wright
Dallas, TX

[It goes to show that Defenders work everywhere in the remotest parts of the world —ed.]

Dear Rovers North,
Ahoy! Several months ago I connected through Instagram with a husband and wife team from Costa Rica that owns a small outfit restoring Series Rovers and Defenders. They are a cute couple that really have a long-term passion for Land Rovers. Over time we’ve developed a relationship and shortly I will be shipping my ‘70 Series II-A from Boston down to Costa Rica for them to restore.
At present they are working on my “donor vehicle,” from which they will use the frame, bulkhead and various other parts. I plan to visit them during the restoration project. They have connected me with other enthusiasts state-side who have utilized their services successfully. With the shipping, my visit, and the communication back and forth, the whole experience is quite an adventure and I’m wondering if there might be the basis for a Rovers Magazine story? I’d love to write something or work with a Rovers writer to come up with a neat story and assemble some photos.
Jared McNabb
Boston, MA

[At Rovers Magazine we love stories of bringing Land Rovers back into daily use, just as they were intended when they left the Solihull factory. Actually, Costa Rica has long been a friendly home to Land Rovers. They were once assembled there as CKD kits for the Central American market. We will provide all the editorial assistance you might want, so please share your experiences with our readers —ed.]

LR-Custom-DiscoveryDear Rovers North,
I thought you might enjoy this photo of my custom Land Rover.
Edward Quintieri
Tuckahoe, NY

[Land Rover is jumping on your bandwagon, Edward. Take a look at the 2016 Evoque convertible on page 38. —ed.]

Dear Rovers North,
Just received my copy of the Winter 2016 Rovers Magazine. Thank you very much! I just loved the cover photo! The Cambridge Trans-America Expedition 109” looked awesome and I just had to get the translation for the “Quien No LLora, No Mama.” Online translation was, “Who does not cry, no breast,” a far cry from your “No pain’ no gain” version, which came back as, “Sin dolor no hay ganancia.” The inside cover story picture was very telling of the difference between the seated clapping folks in the pic and those unsmiling presumably hourly workers in the back. And what’s that guy in the second row seated in the far right of the pic looking at? Really enjoyed the photos in this issue!
Gene Lytle
Boulder, CO

[Thanks for your thoughts on the magazine, Gene. Thompson Smith is the art director for the magazine; the cover photo was from Ted Pederson. The translation came directly from Cambridge Trans-America participant Martin Hugh-Jones, who told us the reason behind their translation of the motto. The end of Defender production was very emotional for all Land Rover employees and enthusiasts; see p. 22 in this issue for more background information —ed.]

Dear Rovers North,
I didn’t really know much about Land Rovers until I saw my first copy of Rovers Magazine in April. I notice them now because of the magazine, and I wanted to share these Land Rovers I found in Camden Town and Stratford-on-Avon, England.

LR-Stratford-on-Avon LR-Camden-Town

Meredith Brockington
Portland, ME

[Once you discover Land Rovers, you’ll be hooked for life! Thanks for the photos —ed.]