Let’s not minimize Land Rover’s nightmare. For 70 years, it produced the most iconic family of vehicles, starting with the Series I and through to the Defender. Then it halted production and announced a successor — except that we’d have to wait a couple of years.

In the meantime, your new Range Rover and Land Rover models have shaken our confidence in the future Defender. Yes, all the newer models — Discovery, Discovery Sport, Range Rover, Evoque, Velar and Sport — have the mechanical and digital technology to provide class-leading “all terrain capability.” They accomplish this with a massive array of digital controls, seat and door motors, electronic wizardry, sensors, screens and cameras that must contend with extremes of mud, sand, water, temperature and vibration. If they fail on a highway, you call a tow truck. What happens if they fail in a remote location?

So Land Rover, here’s a call to action. Hit the “Delete” key when it comes to electronics that remove the driver from the sensory joys of off-roading. Present us with a vehicle we can maintain with a minimum of specialized tools. One we can repair in the field.

A decade ago you called your Defender, “The most recognized, most respected 4×4 in the world.” Make the new Defender something we can use for decades, because it’s another truly iconic Land Rover. You did it before. We know you can do it again.

Jeff Aronson