Discovery Owner Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Stainless Steel Brake Lines

$ 100

A great gift for any Discovery II owner and even better for those that have a mild lift on their truck. These braided stainless steel lines are 2″ longer than stock lines so they still fit a stock suspension and pair great with the Terrafirma 2″ Medium Duty Lift kit. Stainless steel brake lines will give better stopping performance and last much longer than the original rubber hoses.


Hella Driving Light Kit

$ 75

These Hella 700 driving lights are a perfect gift for any Discovery driver that is getting into overlanding or just spends a lot of time driving at night. When wired up correctly these lights work in tandem with your stock high beams and allow you to much much farther down the trail or road.


Discovery II Intake Hose

$ 50

If you’ve ever looked under the hood of just about any Discovery II you might have noticed an oval-shaped browning tube on the right side that looks like it was shedding. This is a problem for every intake and allows debris and water to enter the intake box, exactly where you don’t want it. This high-quality kit solves this problem forever and is a cinch to install with the provided instructions.


Shift and Brake Boot Kit

$ 25

Even the newest Discovery II is now nearing 15 years old and is probably starting to show its age. A quick and cheap way to spruce up any interior is to install new shift and emergency brake boots. These aftermarket boots are made of high-quality vinyl and will resist cracking better than the original boots.


Cup Holder Kit

$ 75

The perfect gift is an option from the factory that should have been standard on every Discovery. These Genuine Land Rover cupholders are a must for any truck and are dead simple to install in just a few minutes. They come in both dark grey and beige to match any interior.


ARB Digital Tire Inflator

$ 50

Every car owner should own a good tire inflator. Properly inflated tires will help your tires last as long as possible and get you the best gas mileage out of your Land Rover. It becomes even more important when the recipient start off-roading and has to repeatedly air down on the trail and then needs to quickly and accurately refill their tires before getting back on the road.