Holiday Gift Guides 2018

Buying Holiday gifts for everyone on your list is easier said than done. It seems to get harder the longer you know someone, yet we still do it. Every. Single. Year. What do you get your annoying brother-in-law who brings up politics at holiday meals, but that you still sort of like because he drives a ‘soft dash’ Range Rover Classic? How about your Mother and Father that have that old Series II that spends most of its weekends hauling plants and mulch back from the garden center. Surely not another pair of boring socks and a gift card to a bookstore or a wine and cheese basket from Harry and David’s.

This year, we’re here to help make sure you’re the favorite relative at the end of the day with these simple holiday gift giving guides. Whether your shopping for her, him, the Discovery owner or even the kids; As long as they love Land Rover, we have you covered. Essential or superfluous, economical or classic, these Land Rover gifts will tell the people you care about just how you are oh-so-grateful for them this year. Consider it our gift to you.

Plus if you know that your significant other doesn’t know what to get you this year, we highly recommend passive-aggressively leaving this open on the computer for them to stumble upon, or even emailing this to them.