For Her Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Land Rover Blue Fleece

$ 60

Its probably going to be cold this holiday season so why would you buy someone flip flops or shorts. No, you should buy them this warm blue fleece featuring an embroidered Land Rover oval logo on the chest. Who wants to wait months to use their gift?


Hi-Lift Off-Road Kit

$ 65

The best gift for anyone starting to get into off-roading is some basic recovery tools. This kit has everything they need to ensure you don’t get stuck on the trails. Paired with a Land Rover, a Hi-Lift jack and a winch, they’ll be nearly unstoppable.


Leaky’s Maple Syrup

$ 50

Leaky’s own maple syrup makes the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. Great on top of waffles / french toast or amazing just swigged out of the can. If someone on your list says they like the fake syrup that comes out of a plastic lady shaped bottle over pure Vermont maple syrup, you should probably skip buying them a present anyways. You don’t need that negativity in your life.


Rovers North 2019 Land Rover Calendar

$ 15

There’s nothing worse than your gift recipient being stuck in the office all day working on TPS reports when they could be in their Land Rover driving through and over the countryside. So why not brighten their office up a bit with a 12-month calendar filled with beautiful photos of Land Rovers and their owners.


Lev-O-Gage Clinometer

$ 10

A great stocking stuffer for the Land Rover driver in your life. This inclinometer gauge comes with an adhesive backing that can easily be installed on the metal dash of a Land Rover Series all the way up to the leather-wrapped dash of the newest Range Rover.


Darien Gap Mug Set

$ 25

What is better than a cup of coffee? Two cups of coffee of course! With a matte finish, these enamel mugs feature the historic Darien Gap expedition map along with a technical drawing of the Range Rover used on this landmark journey.