Defender Owner Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Defender Owner Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Icon Book – 69 Years of Series and Defender

$ 70

The only official book covering the full history of the Land Rover Series and Defender. A great gift for anyone that owns or wishes to one day own one of these iconic vehicles. This beautiful hardcover book will proudly be displayed on any bookshelf or coffee table in your home.

Defender Owner Holiday Gift Guide 2018


ARB Twin Air Compressor Kit

$ 550

The ultimate gift for and Defender owner that plans to do some serious off-roading. When installed on their Land Rover it allows the user to run most air powered tools on the trails for repairs, fill tires at the end of the day before getting back on the road, and power their upgraded air lockers.

Defender Owner Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Rear Wrap Around Diff Guard

$ 125

A great gift for any Defender owner. This galvanized differential guard provides relatively cheap protection to the recipients truck from just about anything from hitting their diff and causing a costly repair. Plus when installed on the plain black undercarriage they look pretty sharp.

Defender Owner Holiday Gift Guide 2018


20 Liter Fuel Can

$ 75

Just about the most practical and useful gift for anyone planning to do any amount of overlanding. These fuel cans are extremely leak proof and look the part when strapped to a bumper or roof rack. Plus this jerry can is super handy to fill up small engines while doing yard work. We highly recommend picking up a spout while you’re shopping.

Defender Owner Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Snow Shield for Heater Intake

$ 40

If the owner of Defender that you know plans on driving their truck over the hill and through the woods to grandmother’s house during a snowstorm, they need one of these. This plastic cover stops rain, snow, and ice from building up on heater intake and dramatically affecting the heat output.

Defender Owner Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Alloy Gear Knob Set

$ 50

Not exactly an essential gift, but then again holiday gifts aren’t meant to be. These solid alloy gear knobs will do wonders to improve the looks of the recipients interior and they are just much nicer feeling than the plastic originals. These are the knobs for a Defender where Reverse is at the bottom right. If it’s at the top left, purchase this set.

Defender Owner Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Performance Headlight Wiring Kit

$ 50

Headlights from 30 years ago don’t really stack up the headlights you’ll find in newer Land Rovers. This headlight wiring kit will do a lot to change that and make driving at night much safer and enjoyable. While you’re at it, why not pick up higher output bulbs to take full advantage of this upgrade.

Defender Owner Holiday Gift Guide 2018


NAS Front Nudge Bar

$ 325

If you know someone that owns a Defender that wasn’t originally sold in the US, they probably don’t have one of these slick North American Spec nudge bars fitted to the front of their truck. Those NAS Defenders are going for big money these days, so why not make their Defender look like a 100k bucks.

Defender Owner Holiday Gift Guide 2018