Series Owner Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Icon Book – 69 Years of Series and Defender

$ 70

The only official book covering the full history of the Land Rover Series and Defender. A great gift for anyone that owns or wishes to one day own one of these iconic vehicles. This beautiful hardcover book will proudly be displayed on any bookshelf or coffee table in your home.


High Quality Series Alloy Badge

$ 55

A really nice gift for any Series owner hoping to set their truck apart from others. This cast alloy nameplate looks and feels dramatically nicer than the original stamped nameplate that has most likely begun to fade from the sun.


8 Piece Wrench Set W/ Leather Case

$ 125

If you’ve been around any Series owner while they’re working on their truck, you may have noticed them muttering certain words while trying to find the right wrench. That’s because some of the fasteners on their truck are different from your standard wrenches. This set will help keep their blood pressure lower and even if they already have a set, it would always be smart to keep a spare set with the truck.


Hella Vision Plus Headlights

$ 100

Headlights from 50 years ago don’t really stack up against the headlights you’ll find in newer Land Rovers. This headlight upgrade from Hella will do a lot to change that and make driving at night much safer and enjoyable. Make sure to order two on checkout or their Series is going to look pretty silly coming down the road.


Radiator Muff

$ 50

This is a great gift for any Series owner that drives their truck in the winter north of the Mason–Dixon line. These trucks were not known for having the greatest heat so why not help output with one of these radiator muffs. These accessories slip right over the grill on the front of their Land Rover and improve heater performance and minimize engine wear during warmups and they don’t look half bad either.


Front Bumper Lift Rings

$ 75

These lift rings are a great gift for anyone without them that plans on doing any amount of off-roading. These can be found at the front of the truck above the bumper and in front of the grill. These are incredibly helpful when pulling other trucks out of a tough spot because your superior Land Rover didn’t get stuck.


NRP Performance Stainless Steel Exhaust

$ 600

Has the Series owner in your life been really really good this year? Why not reward them with a complete stainless steel exhaust for their truck? This system from NRP replaces all the rust prone original exhaust from the manifold back with 1.75″ mandrel piping and a Magnaflow performance muffler. This gift will last longer than gradnma’s fruitcake.


Diff Guard

$ 75

A great gift for any Series owner. This galvanized differential guard provides relatively cheap protection to the recipients truck from just about anything from hitting their diff and causing a costly repair. Plus when installed on the plain black undercarriage they look pretty sharp.