Dear Rovers North,

On behalf of the Texas Rovers Leadership, I thank you sincerely for your generous donation that helped make our 2022 SCARR a great success. This year’s event attracted over 125 Land Rovers, ranging from Series to new Defenders. Over 225 owners and enthusiasts came from not only Texas, but as far away as Connecticut and California.

We will start planning for SCARR 2023 this month, and strive to make it even more successful next year. Thanks again for your generous sponsorship.

Laura Shacklette

SCARR 2022 Event Coordinator – Texas Rovers

Dallas, TX

[We had a terrific time at SCARR (see Spring 2022 issue) and thank you all for your hospitality -ed.]

Dear Rovers North

I wanted to give a shout-out to Pete Golovach, who responded to my weekend voicemail early on a Monday morning. He helped me sort out my account, and as we’re near neighbors, he offered to deliver the fuel cap for my 110 in person! Even better, when he was held up at Rovers North and I could not wait before departing for Boston, he arranged for a quick shipment to a one-time address.

This did not surprise me, as it’s Rovers North, but this is service in practice.

Lawrence Mott

Buel’s Gore, VT

[We’re delighted that you received your fuel cap in Boston, and thank you for recognizing Pete -ed.]

Dear Rovers North,

Our oldest son Dylan recently graduated from Grade 12 and for his graduation photos we thought it would be special if he took some with his father’s pride and joy, a 1959 Series II. Over the years both of our boys have enjoyed spending time with their father working alongside him restoring the Land Rover, so it was important to include it for this special event.

Dara and David Black

Saskatoon, SK


[A congratulations to Dylan on both his graduation and work on the family Land Rover -ed.]

Dear Rovers North,

Many thanks for all the help with Rover parts. Enclosed are photos of the next two generations of Land Rover enthusiasts.

John Chisholm

Levant, ME

[We appreciate our connection with the Chisholm family through the shared enthusiasm for Land Rovers -ed.]

Dear Rovers North

On a flight from Portland, ME, a family member met the Editor of your magazine, and she was excited to share the experience with me since I just bought my first Land Rover in 2020. I took a quick glance through your magazine’s website – there’s a lot that I need to return to and read!

My fiancée turned me onto Land Rovers and now I can’t go back. We drove my ’16 LR4 Landmark to Nantucket this summer; it was like being in Defender heaven! I look forward to reading future issues of the magazine.

Will Tome

Charleston, SC

[I remember sharing my Land Rover adventures with a group of South Carolinians. Thanks for the email and photo of your LR4 – ed.]

Dear Rovers North,

I wanted to reach out and extend a huge amount of thanks to Pete Golovach in Technical Sales. Pete helped me navigate through a complicated axle swap and brake upgrade project. His customer service throughout the project was top-notch and his knowledge of the parts required was truly impressive and spot-on.

Best Regards,

Dan Thomson

Anacortes, WA

[We’re impressed with your project, and Pete said he was delighted to work with you -ed.]

Dear Rovers North,

Thank you – your team is knowledgeable, patient, supportive, and all-around awesome. My D90 has needed a lot of work and you guys have done an outstanding job of supplying what I need when I need it. I do not know how much you help with customs to Canada, but you get the parts through when I need them.

Mike Maguire

Saskatoon, SK


[Thank you for the kind words. We know there’s an avid enthusiast community in Canada and we’re happy to help -ed.]