Dear Rovers North,

Your guidance has helped me tremendously through the first three months of Series ownership. Your ability to diagnose and troubleshoot has proved indispensable to this budding Rover mechanic! My ‘74 SWB was able to get on the road safely before the summer weather receded to southern climes because of the many discussions, online parts shopping, and nearly weekly anticipation of the package with the Rovers North logo-tape on it. My wife knows when a Rovers North box has arrived by the tape — and the bubble wrap inside gains a second life as “fireworks” under our toddler’s excited feet! (Any chance of getting an extra sheet in the next order?) A broken axle shaft, curious carburetor installation by the dreaded P.O., exhaust leaks, electrical gremlins and mechanical maintenance issues have not challenged your knowledgable Land Rover experts. Our dog Asher accompanied me on my first drive, along with the puddle left at the filling station after my first go at refueling (an overflow, not a leak!)

DJ Harvey
Hudson, OH

[Thanks for joining the Land Rover enthusiast community. It’s been delightful to share our knowledge with you – everyone was a Land Rover rookie at one time –ed.]

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Dear Rovers North,

At the 2023 Maine Winter Romp last February, I joined a convoy of Land Rovers on a snowy Friday night off-roading. My friend Justin Podlesac captured my ’92 Defender 110 out on the trail. I’m looking forward to the 2024 edition!

Stephen Smith
Yarmouth, ME

[We chose this issue’s cover photo to honor the 2024 Maine Winter Romp, February 16–19. Thanks for sharing this wonderful reminder. See p. 3 of this issue -ed.]

Dear Rovers North,

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I have a fully naked 1999 Land Rover Discovery 1 SD. I stripped it to bare aluminum, brushed it and left it without clear coat. Except the roof because it’s steel so I had it painted flat black. I also installed a new front grill, heavy-duty steel bumper and clear lights all around. Have you ever seen a completely naked D1 before?

Jason Broome
Langhorne, PA

[“Manners make the the man.” No, I’ve not seen a naked Discovery. “Gilroy,” my Discovery I, is more modest than yours –ed.]

Dear Rovers North,

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Thank you for sending me a copy of your Summer 2023 issue after our original copy was trashed by the postman. You’ll notice that I took the liberty of adding to the cover artwork a photo of my white “Charlie Rover.” I consider its presence in the photo to be a Rovers Magazine-level of cover art. I found “Charlie Rover” in Colorado and had it restored by Pikes Peak Rovers.

Brian Manly
Santa Rosa, CA

[Your artwork is subtle compared to our shameless efforts to get our Land Rovers on the cover. “Cover of the Rolling Stone…”Bah! “Cover of Rovers Magazine…” Score! -ed.]

Dear Rovers North,

Thank you for your continued support of the Southern California Land Rover Club’s Rover Rendezvous. On behalf of the Board of Directors, please accept our thanks for your support. We literally couldn’t do Rover Rendezvous without you. We hope we can see Rovers North in person here on the West Coast for one of our events.

Cheers for now and thanks again for the support!

Stephen Beres
Board Member – Sponsorship & Promotions
Southern California Rover Club
Santa Clarita, CA

[Rovers North thanks you for connecting with them and letting them support your event. Keep up the great work -ed.]

Dear Rovers North,

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I’ve created the British Leyland Headquarters Bar at my home to honor my Series IIA and my MGB Mk IV. Perched on the bar top are Grace Kittell (L) and Adrianna Nettuno (R), chilling out before the Livingston, MT 4th of July Rodeo. This Fall, both fashion designers will depart in search of gold in the Hills of California (Beverly Hills, that is). Appropriately, both love Land Rovers and Range Rovers.

Michael Kittell
Livingston, MT

[They’re leaving for California while many Californians have left for Montana -ed.]

Dear Rovers North,

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I was wondering if it would be possible to get the contact information of the gentleman that wrote the article in the last Rovers Magazine titled “Gas, Grass and Graveyards.” His name is Kevin Scott. Very interested in learning more about his 109” that he took cross-country. 

Thank you,
Doug Gable
Cooperstown, NY

[We sent an inquiry to Kevin Scott and at his request, we forwarded his contact information to you. It was an incredible adventure -ed.]

Hi Rovers North,

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I am writing to see if you would pass an inquiry along to Kevin Scott whose article is in the Fall 2023 issue. I happen to own an identical 1967 109” Series II as his and I wanted to ask a few questions and maybe even answer a few. It’s a pretty rare bird!

Thanks in advance,
John Cassidy
Palo Alto, CA

[Kevin Scott gave us permission and we’ve shared your email with him. I agree – 109s are quite special -ed.]

Dear Rovers North

Letters to the Editor – Holiday 2023

I am enjoying, as I do with each issue, the very human articles in your Fall issue. While I am not in a position to own a Land Rover vehicle, I’ve been a fanatical admirer since I first saw one in a movie about Africa as a teen in the early sixties. Frankly, I continue to purchase clothing and other items from Rovers North in part to ensure that I don’t miss an issue of your enjoyable treatment of Rover culture.  
I am writing in response to the article by Kevin Scott on page 38 of the last issue. In this most enjoyable travelogue, the author references a book on page 41 called Blue Highways, by William Least Half Moon. I read this book when it first appeared in the early eighties — still in print — and it is beautifully written, nearly poetic in many passages.
I feel prompted to correct the error in the author’s name. It is William Least Heat-Moon. Anyway, keep on producing the fine magazine and I’ll keep buying hats and t-shirts, so I don’t miss an issue.

Tom Ambrose
Utica, NY

[As Editor, I take responsibility for any errors, so I thank you for the correction. I remember reading the book not long after its publication in 1982 and enjoyed its insightful reflections and commentary -ed.]