Dear Rovers North,

It was great to see the gathering of Land Rovers at the Owls Head Transportation Museum in September. This is my grandson, Easton; my daughter (Bailey Underhill, his mom) was his age when they got hooked on Land Rovers.

Jamie Hannum

Winthrop, ME

[Keep up the good work of fostering enthusiasm for the marque! -ed.]

Dear Rovers North,

The Sightings contest has been a family favorite for decades, and with my 4 daughters living across the country, they have taken to sending me sightings of Land Rovers when they spot them. The grandkids are being indoctrinated into the details of Land Rovers, so your job looks secure for the future!!

David Ducat

Lebanon, CT

[We’ve run Sightings ever since the earliest days of publication, and it remains as much a fan favorite of readers as it is for the extended Ducat family. -ed.]

Dear Rovers North,

Letters to the Editor – Holiday 2021

The attached photo was taken on the first day of school, Fall, 2021, for Juliet and Pierce Hyams with “Winston,” our 1970 IIA. 

Also, I had a ‘66 IIA that you guys helped me with back around 1994. The kids’ favorite car was our 1999 Discovery II, “Red Rover,” in which they each came home from the hospital in Fairfax, VA. “Winston” recently came to us from a friend in Alexandria, VA, all the way to Louisiana where we now live. 

Professor L. Collier Hyams

Natchitoches, LA

[Are Juliet and Pierce smiling on the first day of school because you drove them in “Winston?”ed]

Dear Rovers North, 

Letters to the Editor – Holiday 2021

First, thank you for selecting my submission for the “Coveted Mug” in the Summer/Fall 2021 edition! I was stoked to see my name in the Winners List!! I’m looking forward to drinking coffee from it and driving my Defender around Aldie, VA. 

Second, while reading that issue of Rovers Magazine, in the Letters to the Editor section, I saw the picture of a white Series Landy spotted in Malibu, CA, with the notable “BUDAWG” license plate. Amazingly, back in June while on vacation in California, I saw the same truck and snapped the pic below; it’s a cool classic and it seems the owner is a regular (or business owner) at the Malibu mart. If you haven’t been to this spot, it’s a must-do when visiting Malibu. Every day is a car show, with exotic cars and trucks from every genre and period in the lot. 

Thanks for making a great magazine and providing exceptional service for Landy enthusiasts!

Frank Cardamone 

Aldie, VA

[Congratulations on your winning Sighting and for your recommendation for a Malibu visit. Sometime during a frigid winter month in New England, I’ll try and take up your suggestion. -ed.]

Dear Rovers North,

Letters to the Editor – Holiday 2021

We are first-timers here. We so much enjoy your magazine. 

We are new-ish Rover owners (1969 109 Series IIA) and also new-ish subscribers to Log & Timber Home Living magazine. These 2 interests intersected in the June/July 2021 issue of Log & Timber – see attached photos! Excited to see a Rover featured in the *centerfold.*

We’d love to join the Mug Club 🙂 

Laura & Carmin Kalorin

Raleigh NC 27607

[You’re joining thousands of “old-ish” enthusiasts in your love for the Land Rover and Sightings. Congratulations! -ed.]

Letters to the Editor – Holiday 2021

Dear Rovers North,

While traveling in Tuscany, I enjoyed seeing this most unusual fire truck at L’Eroica in Gaiole. I asked to take a photo and the fireman immediately agreed to pose for it. I thought your readers might enjoy this.

Ken Gummerson
Baltimore, MD 21218

[Thank you for sharing the photo, Ken. That’s the most unusual color for a fire engine! -ed.]

Dear Rovers North,

I am proud to submit that my 1991 Defender D90 was used in this year’s Vineyard Vines Holiday catalogue. The picture used was actually taken on Nantucket, MA. This Defender is a right-hand drive 200 Tdi 5-speed, originally from Ireland.

Ron Killian
Abington, MA

[That’s quite an honor, Ron, although you would think that a company that celebrates Martha’s Vineyard would want to have its catalogues photographed there, and not on Nantucket! – ed.]

Dear Rovers North,

It’s funny what my subconscious captures as I age. I noted this a year or so ago, but – again, age – promptly forgot it. Until now.

Last night I was watching The Meg on Prime. It’s a rollicking Jason Statham flick, one where he doesn’t really do any beating up of people. It’s set around a futuristic, new underwater research facility. Being underwater, it, of course, has doors. This movie stars Li Bingbing, Ruby Rose and Jessica McNamee, yet I noticed the door hinges. You might recognize these hinges – are they yours? Are you Hollywood suppliers now? And what’s next? I’m going through pics of the International Space Station now to see what they’re using as hinges.

Lyndon Nolan

Boise, ID

[There are some secrets we cannot share. Mum’s the word. – ed.]

Dear Rovers North,

The Summer/Fall 2021 edition of Rovers Magazine has an article by Chris Holewski on Bill Cooper’s collection in NJ. Could you send this photo to Bill? I think he’ll find it interesting. The article mentions 4 Pinkies in the US. Do you know where the others are?


Chris Marrison

Garrison, NY

[We’re happy to connect you with Bill Cooper; Pink Panther owners should be friends. – ed.]

Letters to the Editor – Holiday 2021

Dear Rovers North,

Here are some photos of our 1960 Series II from a Wheels and Wings event in Millville, NJ. Thanks for a great magazine. I really enjoy reading it.

Gary Dalgleish 

Millville, NJ

[Thank you for the kind words, Gary. We’re always pleased to hear from Land Rover enthusiasts. -ed.]